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GM-CSF study extended to COVID-19 patients

GM-CSF (granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor) was found to be highly protective in pre-clinical models of pneumonia-associated lung injury including viral infection. There is first evidence of a beneficial effect of inhaled GM-CSF in patients with severe pneumonia/ARDS.
A placebo-controlled, randomized clinical phase II investigator-initiated trial (GI-HOPE, NCT02595060) currently addresses the adjunctive therapeutic role of aerosolized GM-CSF in patients with pneumonia-related ARDS (for further details see project 9). The study was extended to COVID-19 patients, please find the BMBF report here.

Progress Reports 2020

ECCPS Seminar Room
Aulweg 130
35392 Gießen

Date Projects
Feb, 7th
13:00 - 15:00 
P1 (Bauer/Weber) and
P2 (Peteranderl/Becker)
May 29th,
13:00 - 15:00
P3 (Ziebuhr/Kracht) and
P5 (Vadász/Samakovlis)
Sept 25th,
13:00 - 15:00 
P6 (Morty/
and P8 (Herold/Braun)
Dec, 18th,
12:30- 14:00

P7 (Günther/Bellusci/El Agha), 
Z1 (Hain/Goesmann/

Second Funding Period for the KFO309

We are happy to announce that the KFO309 is funded by the DFG for a second funding period without any restriction for the next three years. We have one additional project now - welcome Natascha Sommer and Chrysanthi Skevaki who examnine the role of metabolic changes in T cell responses induced by viral infections that exacerbate COPD and emphysema in their P10 project.


KFO309 research on the cover of Pediatric Pulmonology

The KFO309 -(P6) -driven study on mouse strain susceptibility to hyperoxia, which was published in print form in the July issue of Pediatric Pulmonology, got both an Editorial, and the manuscript artwork also made the cover of the July issue of the journal.

Cover Pediatric Pilmonology

ARDS conference


Together with Michael A. Matthay, Lorraine B. Ware, Wolfgang Kübler and Martin Witzenrath Susanne Herold organized an international ARDS conference from June 25th to 27th in Berlin to highlight basic science news and new clinical trials in ARDS

"PechaKucha" Award for Christin Müller

We congratulate Christin for 

the 2nd place in the "PechaKucha" Contest -

 for more detail click here (see page 7), and 

a Travel Award

at  the 31st International Conference on Antiviral Research May 12-15, 2019.