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Stellenausschreibung Wiss. Mitarbeiter

The Department of Medicine, research group of PD Dr. Skevaki at the Institute of Laboratory
Medicine and Pathobiochemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, is currently accepting applications
for a
Research Assistant (m/f/d)
(Doctoral student)
The third party funded position is offered for a period of 3 years, if no former times of
qualification must be considered. The starting date is as soon as possible. The position is
part-time (65 % of regular working hours) with salary and benefits commensurate with a
public service position in the state Hesse, Germany (TV-H E 13, 65 %).

Ein kleines Protein gegen COVID-19

Gießener Lungenforscherinnen und -forscher testen einen Wirkstoff gegen schwere Verläufe von COVID-19 – BMBF fördert die klinische Studie mit rund 1,84 Millionen Euro

Progress Reports 2021

ECCPS Seminar Room

Aulweg 130

35392 Gießen

Date Projects
April, 23rd
13:00 - 15:00 h

P10 (Sommer/Skevaki)

P1 (Bauer/Weber)

July 2nd,
13:00 - 15:00 h

P2 (Becker/Herold)

P3 (Ziebuhr/Kracht)

Sep 3rd, 12.30-15:00 h

P5 (Vadász/Samakovlis)

P6 (Morty/Friebertshäuser/Ehrhardt)

P7 (El Agha/Günther/Bellusci)

Dec 03rd,

12.30-14:30 h

P8 (Herold/Braun)

Z1 (Hain/Goesmann/


GM-CSF study extended to COVID-19 patients

GM-CSF (granulocyte/macrophage colony-stimulating factor) was found to be highly protective in pre-clinical models of pneumonia-associated lung injury including viral infection. There is first evidence of a beneficial effect of inhaled GM-CSF in patients with severe pneumonia/ARDS.
A placebo-controlled, randomized clinical phase II investigator-initiated trial (GI-HOPE, NCT02595060) currently addresses the adjunctive therapeutic role of aerosolized GM-CSF in patients with pneumonia-related ARDS (for further details see project 9). The study was extended to COVID-19 patients, please find the BMBF report here.

Progress Reports 2020

ECCPS Seminar Room
Aulweg 130
35392 Gießen

Date Projects
Feb, 7th
13:00 - 15:00 
P1 (Bauer/Weber) and
P2 (Peteranderl/Becker)
May 29th,
13:00 - 15:00
P3 (Ziebuhr/Kracht) and
P5 (Vadász/Samakovlis)
Sept 25th,
13:00 - 15:00 
P6 (Morty/
and P8 (Herold/Braun)
Dec, 18th,
12:30- 14:00

P7 (Günther/Bellusci/El Agha), 
Z1 (Hain/Goesmann/

Second Funding Period for the KFO309

We are happy to announce that the KFO309 is funded by the DFG for a second funding period without any restriction for the next three years. We have one additional project now - welcome Natascha Sommer and Chrysanthi Skevaki who examnine the role of metabolic changes in T cell responses induced by viral infections that exacerbate COPD and emphysema in their P10 project.