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Impressions of the KFO309 get together - 21.04.2017

Progress Reports 2017

ECCPS Seminar Room

Aulweg 130

35392 Gießen

Date Projects
June 16th,
13:00 -
14:45 h
P1 (Bauer/Weber) and
P2 (Peteranderl/Becker/
Aug 18th,
13:00 -
14:45 h
P3 (Ziebuhr/Kracht) and
P5 (Vadász/Samakovlis
Oct 13th,
13:00 -
14:45 h
P6 (Morty/Friebertshäuser/
Ehrhardt) and
P7 (Günther/Bellusci)
Dec, 8th,
12:45 -
14:45 h
P8 (Herold/Braun) and
Z1 (Hain/Goesmann/

Poster award for Michaela Gerlach-Weber

Michaela Weber-Gerlach was awarded with the poster price during the conference "Novel Concepts in Innate Immunity" which was held from 27 till 29 March in Tübingen. Michaela Weber-Gerlachs work "Profiling Anti-Influenza Activities of the pathogen recognition receptor RIG-I: Nuclear RIG-I as an Influenza A Virus Restriction factor" is part of Project P1 of Friedemann Weber of the Justus-Liebig University Gießen. Congratulations!


Ivonne Vazquez-Armendariz has been elected

ivonne Vazquez-Armendariz, a member of the Herold lab, has been elected by the Assembly on Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology Science and Innovation Center Award Selection Committee to receive the 2017 Abstract Award. Her Abstract entiteled "Establishment of a Murine 3D In Vitro Lung Organoid Model to Study Epithelial Generation and Regeneration" was awarded the opportunity to present her scientific work at the ATS International Conference in Washington, DC


Minisymposium November 2017

Friday, 24 November 2017

Institute of Virology,
Seminar room,
Hans-Meerwein Str. 2; 35043 Marburg