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Estimation of absolute number of alveolar epithelial type 2 cells in mouse lungs: a comparison between stereology and flow cytometry

Dzhuraev G, Rodríguez-Castillo JA, RUIZCamp J, Salwig I, Szibor M, Vadász I, Herold S, Braun T, Ahlbrecht K, Atzberger A, Mühlfeld C, Seeger W, Morty RE

J Microsc 2019 275(1) 36-50

Cardiac glycosides decrease influenza virus replication by inhibiting cell protein translational machinery

Amarelle L, Katzen J, Shigemura M, Welch LC, Cajigas H, Peteranderl C, Celli D, Herold S, Lecuona E, Sznaider JI

Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol 2019 316(6):L1094-L1106.

Inactivation of nuclear histone deacetylases by EP300 disrupts the MiCEE complex in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Rubio K, Singh I, Dobersch S, Sarvari P, Gunther S, Cordero J, Mehta A, Wujak L, Cabrera-Fuentes H, Chao CM, Braubach P, Bellusci S, Seeger W, Gunther A, Preissner KT, Wygrecka M, Savai R, Papy-Garcia D, Dobreva G, Heikenwalder M, Savai-Pullamsetti S, Braun T, Barreto G

Nat Commun 2019 10(1):2229

Characterization of Tg(Etv4-GFP) and Etv5 (RFP) Reporter Lines in the Context of Fibroblast Growth Factor 10 Signaling During Mouse Embryonic Lung Development

Jones MR, Lingampally A, Dilai S, Shrestha A, Stripp B, Helmbacher F, Chen C, Chao CM, Bellusci S

Front Genet 2019 10:178

Mouse genetic background impacts susceptibility to hyperoxia-driven perturbations to lung maturation

Tiono J, Surate Solaligue DE, Mizikova I, Nardiello C, Vadasz I, Bottcher-Friebertshauser E, Ehrhardt H, Herold S, Seeger W, Morty RE

Pediatr Pulmonol 2019 54(7):1060-1077

Recent advances in the pathogenesis of BPD

Morty RE

Semin Perinatol 2018 42(7):404-12

Regulation and role of the ER stress transcription factor CHOP in alveolar epithelial type-II cells

Klymenko O, Huehn M, Wilhelm J, Wasnick R, Shalashova I, Ruppert C, Henneke I, Hezel S, Guenther K, Mahavadi P, Samakovlis C, Seeger W, Guenther A, Korfei M.

J Mol Med (Berl). 2019 97(7):973-90

Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Macrocyclic Inhibitors of the Proprotein Convertase Furin

Van Lam van T, Ivanova T, Hardes K, Heindl MR, Morty RE, Bottcher-Friebertshauser E, Lindberg I, Than ME, Dahms SO, Steinmetzer T

ChemMedChem 2019 14(6):673-85

Ferreting out viral pathogenesis

Wuerth JD, Weber F.

Nat Microbiol 2019 4(3):384-385

ADAR1 Is Required for Dendritic Cell Subset Homeostasis and Alveolar Macrophage Function

Baal N, Cunningham, S, Obermann HL, Thomas J, Lippitsch A, Dietert K, Gruber AD, Kaufmann A, Michel G, Nist A, Stiewe T, Rupp O, Goesmann A, Zukunft S, Fleming I, Bein G, Lohmeyer J, Bauer S, Hackstein H

J Immunol 2019 202(4):1099-1111

Targeting miR-34a/Pdgfra interactions partially corrects alveologenesis in experimental bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Ruiz-Camp J, Quantius J, Lignelli E, Arndt PF, Palumbo F, Nardiello C, Surate Solaligue DE, Sakkas E, Mizikova I, Rodriguez-Castillo JA, Vadasz I, Richardson WD, Ahlbrecht K, Herold S, Seeger W, Morty RE

EMBO Mol Med 2019 11(3):e9448

Control Interventions Can Impact Alveolarization and the Transcriptome in Developing Mouse Lungs

Fehl J, Pozarska A, Nardiello C, Rath P, Surate Solaligue DE, Vadasz I, Mayer K, Herold S, Seeger W, Morty RE

Anat Rec 2019 302(2):346-363

Proviral MicroRNAs Detected in Extracellular Vesicles From Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid of Patients With Influenza Virus-Induced Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Scheller N, Herold S, Kellner R, Bertrams W, Jung AL, Janga H, Greulich T, Schulte LN, Vogelmeier CF, Lohmeyer J, Schmeck B

J Infect Dis 2019 219(4):540-543

A Comprehensive Analysis of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2b Signaling on Epithelial Tip Progenitor Cells During Early Mouse Lung Branching Morphogenesis

Jones MR, Dilai S, Lingampally A, Chao CM, Danopoulos S, Carraro G, Mukhametshina R, Wilhelm J, Baumgart-Vogt E, Al Alam D, Chen C, Minoo P, Zhang JS, Bellusci S

Front Genet 2019 9:746

Fibroblast Growth Factor 10 and Vertebrate Limb Development

Jin L, Wu J, Bellusci S, Zhang JS

Front Genet 2019 9:705